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Blue Heron Stables

connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit


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No More Excuses

Posted on January 30, 2012 at 2:04 PM Comments comments ()
January 30th, 2012      It's hard to believe that the first month of 2012 is almost over and even sadder is that I haven't posted anything on my own blog for close
to a year. Not having enough time in the day is just not the best excuse, but sometimes it comes down to, how am I spending my time and am I accomplishing things that I want to accomplish.  On a farm there are certain things that just need to get done, so those things you can't delay or procrastinate on, feeding the horses, cleaning stalls, filling up water buckets, getting a few rides in when possible.  So those things do get done, and over the course of the past couple of years I have started to step out of my comfort zone and have been teaching students, which have increased in numbers over the past 12 months, my husband and I have been hosting successful clinics with Chris Irwin and I have even felt confident enough in what I know to start conducting my own Women and Horse Clinics. I guess by not blogging over the past year, I can now look back and see how far I have come when I talk about my teaching abilities and my comfort level with other knowledgeable horse people.  I have learned so much in the past 6 years since we have been on our farm and I'm grateful for the many people who helped me to reach my goals. I am doing exactly what I had hoped to do with horses.....connecting people and horses in the most inspiring ways. And what's beautiful about what I do, is the
connection that teenagers and horses are developing, but also daughters and mothers, daughters and fathers, women and horses and men and horses and husbands and wives and horses.  I may not be sitting on 25 years of horse experience or coaching or training, but during the past 10 years I have gotten my feet wet with the do's and don't s of buying horses, learning how to trailer horses to eventing shows, reading and watching and going to clinics and listening to the likes of Chris Irwin, who with his method of teaching led me through a door that showed me the possibilities that horses had to offer all of us.  It's knowledge that I believe, once you know it, it would be very difficult to go back to anything else in regards to the connection and relationship you might have with your horse.  It's like learning English....once you know it, it becomes second nature...I truly believe that once you speak the language of the horse it also becomes second nature...and it's been a gift and pleasure to be able to share that knowledge and I'm grateful to those that have supported me as a friend, a teacher and a coach......these are exciting times, so I'm betting that these blog will be a little more consistant...even if I'm writing for myself, perhaps someone will find something in these words that might change the way they think about horses

April Flurries

Posted on April 18, 2011 at 8:33 AM Comments comments ()
Actually, I think it is suppose to be April Showers ? :)  However, winter hasn't quite let go of her icy grip on us, but we've certainly seen enough signs over the past few weeks to know, as always, spring's warmer weather is on it's way.  When I look out into the fields, I honestly
think the horses enjoy this last bit of fresh crisp air.  The footing has soften just enough for
them to feel that they can run around and play without slipping and sliding. 
I'm always so grateful that I'm able to look out my back window every morning and see the antics that go on in those fields.  It's only been in the last 5 years that I've been able to appreciate the lives of horses on a full time basis.  Like most people, we only had a couple of horses that we boarded on other peoples farms so our enjoyment of our horses was on a different level.  And I certainly understand that owning a horse farm is not written in everyone's book, but for me I'm very grateful that I have that chapter in my life.  Living, working and being so close to these horses has taught me so many lessons, and it's also given me an opportunity to learn some wonderful training with Chris, meet some incredible people along the way and help me grow as a person.  This lifestlye also has allowed me to share with other people what I love to do, just be.....with horses.
So everyday is a new day, it might be filled with flurries on an April day or full of warm sunshine coaxing the buds to appear on the trees, but it's a reminder to enjoy everyday, however it may appear.  When I watch my horses, that's exactly what they are doing!

Sunshine Somewhere

Posted on April 16, 2011 at 9:03 AM Comments comments ()
Even when the clouds are over head and the rain is pouring down, I do try to remember that somewhere above the sun is still shining.  It's a terribly dull morning with lots of rain, so sometimes it's hard to find the positive motivation you'd like to have to skip down to the barn and feed the 'kids' and muck out stalls :) 
Then I do always remember how lucky I am to beable to have the health and strength to do all of that and that I'm not having to get dressed and go and work in an office all day and then come and do chores.  I admire anyone who's life is on that path.  At our clinic this past weekend I met a wonderful couple who own and run their own rescue horse farm.  They care for and nuture 46 horses and they both work full time as well.  And they were here to learn Chris Irwin's techniques for horse training, so that they would better connect with their horses and teach those who might adopt one of their horses.  You could tell that they love what they do and never complained about the amount of work it took to run such a large operation like that.  That's what I love about doing these clinics, I get to meet so many incredible people who have all the same goals in mind.  Learning the language of the horse so that we may all better understand the messages we are giving to our horses and the messages we are receiving back from them.
Then it makes it really easy to throw my muck boots on, rain Jacket and hat and skip down to the barn, with coffee in hand and say a big good morning to my four legged family!!!
Let the sunshine through you and have a great day!!

Good Morning

Posted on April 15, 2011 at 8:27 AM Comments comments ()
As I sit here at my computer, I'm able to look out at a beautiful sunny morning and
see all my horses quietly feeding with the cool morning air gently blowing their tails.
I do find that the life of a horsewoman can be so serene and peaceful and often I will
just sit and watch and tell myself how grateful I am for this life.
After a fun clinic with the horses, it certainly inspires me once again to refresh some of those
riding and training skills that might have become stale over the winter months.  I had a wonderful lesson with one of my students yesterday with my big mare Sasha, whom I rode in the Chris Irwin Clinic this past weekend.  It was fun to take what the two of us did with Chris' lesson and use it with Jen and Sasha.  It's always nice to see it from a different perspective.  From the ground :)  I hope with the arrival of spring that all you horsewomen, and men, are feeling renewed, and inspired to spend lots of good quality time with your horses.  And if I've learned anything over the past few years is that quality time doesn't have to mean quantity.  There are days when sitting with my horses while they sleep in the fields or eat their hay, can be a wonderful lesson.
Enjoy your day!


Posted on April 12, 2011 at 8:56 AM Comments comments ()
Hi Everyone
Please bare with me...this is all so very new to me.  I guess this makes me a blogger!
I just wanted to let people know that happen to see my website that we are here to
help, listen to, and share stories about people and their horses. 
As you know I am a Chris Irwin Certified Trainer and we have just finished our first
Horsemanship Clinic this past weekend.  As always it was alot of fun, alot of information and just a great experience meeting the challenges of new horses and  meeting alot of wonderful people as well. 
Our next event is in May when Chris will be here for his 2nd of 4 clinics and Train the Trainer Series.  Please go to his website for any information about the clinics and registrations. 
But I'd love to hear from anyone with any questions or success stories with their horses using Chris' training methods.  A little information or advice can go along way.
Look forward to this new world of blogging.