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Blue Heron Stables

connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit


A rainbow for Sully

Posted on August 11, 2012 at 5:32 PM
The sun has finally come out..... although, last evening between the rain and the dark clouds, a beautiful double rainbow appeared, rain and dark clouds reappeared and then the sun came out..... all within the time span of a very difficult situation happening at our farm.
Our farm, our horses, Donna and Ingrid, our boarders, my friend Anne , my husband Rick , myself and a very wonderful girl lost a friend last night.  His name was Sully and he came to our farm, with his sisters by a very incredible way.  His mom, Sara is a very dear friend of a friend and because things always happen for a reason, Sara showed up with her 3 lovely horses about a year ago.                                                
Sara and her horses were a wonderful addition to our small family of horses and owners and it didn't take long for her to fit into our quiet ways at Blue Heron Stables.  Her little guy was a joy to be around and watch.  He was the brother of 2 sisters and the smallest of two warmblood girls.. but he was respected, loved, played with by both Donna and Ingrid and I know that tonight, they know that their brother will not be with them in body, but I do believe they have a sense that Sully is with them in spirit. 
We can only hope that as time passes by , we too will come to believe that Sully is running in fields of clover and green green grass with others who have gone before him.
I had the privilege of spending time with Sara and Sully during his last hours. To go through such a loss is a very personal time and situation, and I'll always be grateful to Sara for trusting me to be there at the right time for her.  Sara and Sully had such a wonderful young woman who helped him through his last moments.... we were all very lucky. 
Sully is no longer here in body, but for me personally, he will always be on our farm in my mind and his spirit will always be felt in the barn, in the paddocks in the pastures.  May he run through fields of green grass and lay underneath the stars, knowing we will always think of him.
You will be forever missed my friend :)

Categories: horse connections