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Blue Heron Stables

connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit


Letting go of the Fear

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM
It's a new year.  And as with the coming of a new year, we all tend to decide what resolutions or changes we want to make in our life that we can all hopefully stick to. There are always the food resolutions, the weight resolutions, spend more time with my friends and family resolutions.  I decided to not do the resolution promised this year.
I have a plan in mind for 2013 and it's to unfold the dream of a farm that shows compassion to horses and humans alike. The dream to provide people with the knowledge about horses in a way that perhaps they never thought about. My dream is to have Blue Heron Stables represent horses in a way that we as humans can learn to trust, build confidence, build better relationships based on trust and leadership and compassion toward our equine friends.
I gave up riding almost a year ago based on feelings that I had felt for most of my life. The heart was voicing it's opinion in a stronger way then my mind could convince otherwise. So I decided to listen to my heart and my gut.  I also started to research the equine physiology and psychology, in order that I might understand fulling the effects that riding has on horses.  And I wanted to be able to answer peoples questions in regards to my decision, just in case anyone was interested :)
Although people are not busting down my doors to come and take horsemanship lessons from me, the wonderful girls that I do have come, have made me so proud.  These young women have opted to take their 1 hour riding lessons and learn from the ground up, from the importance of establishing a true deep connection with their horse, using no bits and bridles, and no saddles and a very strict limit of 15 minutes only on the backs of the horses. My goal is to show people that it doesn't have to be about the riding when it comes to horses, but it's also a lesson on the reasons why we need to consider whether we ride or not.  I want Blue Heron Stables to be the safe haven for those wanting to be with horses in a different way, to learn about horses in a different way and to provide an environment which people can feel comfortable knowing we are all doing the same thing together.
I have wonderful friends who have given me their support and respect for my decision to put away all of my tack, others will think me crazy, inexperienced, and uninformed but perhaps this is my resolution. 
To finally step out of my comfort zone, let go of the fear of embarrassment and self doubt and know that what is good for me and my horses will not be good for other people, but I will support and guide and provide the best service to my students as I possibly can to show them that my good intentions are for my horses and not to worry about comments about horses earning their keep, or "now what are you doing to do with them". They will do for us..... teach us confidence, compassion, self love, trust, leadership skills, ............  I've been a slow learner over the past 10 years, but I'm finally getting it and I see the gratitude in my horses eyes every day and with every student.
I hope that 2013 will be a year for all to see their dreams unfold. Think it....Believe it and you Will Receive it!!!!

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